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Commission Membership

The Commission consists of nine members appointed for three-year terms by the Governor of Maryland with the advice and consent of the State Senate. A majority of these nine members must be American Indian residents of Maryland, and at least three members must be from American Indian groups that are indigenous to Maryland. Each member of the Commission has a demonstrated knowledge of Indian culture and history, and is sensitive to the needs and concerns of Indian communities.

At the end of their three-year term, a Commission member can continue to serve until a successor is appointed. A member can succeed himself, but cannot serve more than six years consecutively.

American Indian Commissioners

(Heritage/Tribe and county of residence in parentheses)

  • Robert Killen, Chairman (Pocomoke, Howard County)
  • Ashley Minner, Vice Chair (Lumbee, Baltimore County)
  • Lisa Savoy, (Piscataway, Charles County)
  • Virginia Busby, (Harford County)
  • Rebecca Johnson Stone, (Chickasaw, Howard County)
  • Patricia Carson, (Accohannock, Somerset County)
  • Leanora Winters, (Piscataway Indian Nation, Baltimore County)
  • Rico Newman, (Piscataway, Charles County)